Sunday, 24 November 2013

Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2013 (KLIMS 2013)

Last Sunday,I attended the biggest motor show event in Malaysia,The Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2013 (KLIMS 2013).A lot of interesting cars that show up in the event.Here's the photos from the event.I hope you guys enjoy it!

I think the car that attracts the visitor is this Lexus LFA which is only available 500 units worlwide with a price tag of USD 455,000 for a car!This thing is not just another typical supercar,its a masterpiece.

The brand new Lexus F Sport.

One of my favourite car in the event,the Honda CRZ Mugen RR Concept.

Honda Malaysia Racing Team's Honda Jazz.They use this car to compete in race like Sepang 1000 KM (S1K) and other races.

Honda EV-Ster.

Akrapovic with their BMW M3 E92.Their exhaust systems looks very cool and it produces a great sound too!Check it on Youtube!

Nissan's VQ30 engine tuned by Nismo at NGK booth.This engine was used in Nissan Fairlady that compete in Super GT in the GT500 category.

Need some bars?Get Ultra Racing!

RC in action!

Spotted this CRZ while I was on my way to the next hall.

Lamborghini Murcielago and Nissan GTR on Toms Sticker booth.They currently promoting their latest product which is the Wrap Xperts (WX)

Mini autoshow perhaps?

Audi R8 on PPI Razor kit and Matte Purple vinyl wrap.Dope!

Ultra Racing's monster,BMW 525i E60 with a VH45DE V8 engine swap.Currently used by Leona Chin in drift competition,gymkhana competition,track days,and time attack.

Yeahhhh bippu madness!Vip style Toyota Alphard on Sixth Sense bodykit and TommyKaira spoilers and splitters.

Wheel porn!Work Wheels Schwert SC4 in Black Polish.

I wonder what's on their mind...

PitWork's S13 on custom bodykit by Best Kit Fibre Design.Fully functional and aerodynamic proven.Usually compete in TimeToAttack.They managed to clock 2:36:252 in Sepang International Circuit.

Huge diffuser and Gt-wing,Semi slick tires,straight pipe exhaust.Ready to attack the track!

Prince Lubricants Porsche Cayman S

Evo on Varis kit FTW!The carbon fibre parts looks tempting...

I always saw Rocket Bunny kitted 86,FRS,and BRZ in a picture but this time I saw it live!It really looks hot and sexy!

Rivetted over fenders and big Gt-wing really suits well with this car.

More Work Wheels!

VIP style Honda City.

Some muscle and classic cars.

2013 Shelby GT500!

Recaro Pole Position in the Ford Focus Graphite Edition!

Rally spec Ford Focus!

I'll update this blog if I attend other events.Stay tune!