Friday, 17 May 2013

KL Street Stance 2013 Official video by Aperture Brothers.

KLSS 2013

Lamanya tak update blog ni..sorry guys.But hey,here's some of my  unquality pictures from Kuala Lumpur Street Stance 2013(blame me cause I'm not a pro or even know how to set my camera!) 

Clean EF9 with on TE37V.

Stanced Saga!Ada brani nak lowered camni?

Lately people start to get low with their mpv.Here's an Alza on Work Meister!


Ramai jugak yang loweredkan persona diorang sekarang..korang bila lagi?

Slammed on air!

Tight fitment on coilovers babeehh!!!!

Proton Savvy retis..famous sekarang kat Malaysia.

Shark Bite!!!

Keeping it simple.

Two of the lowest rides in Malaysia.Both of them running static.Yeap I repeat STATIC ON COILOVERS!And its also their daily rides.That Vios belongs to a good Instagram friend of mine.

United Stance Of Johor (USJH) Founder's car.Really diggin that camber setting.

9th Gen Civic representing!

Both of this car got a really dope paintjob!The colour makes these Kenari more cute!

The famous Panda on steelies.

The minty on steelies.

Argghhh!!!Super blurr!!!

Myvi baru..Lagi kepak,Lagi Best!

Japan?No lah..Malaysia mari...

Low this Myvi is Damn Low!

Kei Cars


EF Sedan.Teringat pulak BDR 1001...

What really impress me on that day?The answer is this purple miata.Not only because it is rare in Malaysia but it looks so perfect!

The legend.Retis that representing Malaysian stance scene.They call it Swagon.

Rubbing tires all day!Remember this car is Static!

Not only real cars but also model kits also joined the event!

Well I guess I'll stop here.