Tuesday, 25 December 2012

My RC Fitment

Yesterday,I felt so bored.Then I saw my old fake Subaru bodyshell (yes,it spelled it 'SUPERU') HAHAHA Then I said to myself,"Why not I put this bodyshell on my rc just to take a look at it."
Then I quickly took the bodyshell and put it on the rc chassis.

It looks quite well...The car looks absolutely low because the body post was cut to make it lower and of course,the suspension setting I set the lowest.

Look at that fitment!This is why I love my Mikuni Gramlights 57D.Its wide and concave!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Zerotohundred.com TimeToAttack Final Round

Last Sunday,Zerotohundred.com organized an event called TimeToAttack(TTA).Actually,this event started about 2 years ago.It has 3 rounds each year.But this years TTA Final Round is the best TTA.

Why is it's the best?Because they organize it with Epicstance event,the first stance event in Malaysia!

Okay,enough with that Epicstance thing.Here are some of the pic that I managed to snap from the TTA event.Above is Kazama X M7 Japan X Drive FD2R.Unfortunately,this year is the last year they use this car.Next year they will using their new machine for TTA.

More FD2R!

Wing Hin Motorsport use their GT 86 to attack Sepang International Circuit.This car comes with TRD kit.The engine?A naturally aspirated 4U-GSE 2.0 Boxer (The same engine that you can see in a Subaru BRZ and Scion FRS)

Subie from Singapore!

You're right FD2R,Racing Goes On!

Clean S2K spotted at the pit!That Enkei RPF1 really matchs the car.

VTEC+K&N Typhoon Intake=Praaannnggg!

In Malaysia,FD2R is a famous weapon for weekend and track car because its easy and cheaper to maintain compare to AWD Turbo cars.

When I was walking going to the other pit,I saw this angry looking Evo with a full widebody Aerokit from Voltex.

The rear view of this Evo looks sick with that Carbon fibre diffuser,trunk and gt-wing!

Caged interior!This is a S13 Silvia belong's to Faye Kusairi,a girl racer who race in circuit racing and gymkhana.

Clean EG6 in the pit.Looks like pumpkin :p

Caged 350Z with a cool racing stripe.

What are you lookin at?!

This Evo managed to grab a lot of attention not only because of the colour and the aerokit,because its very fast!It managed to attack Sepang in just 2:21:843 minute!...

...and just look at that widebody!

White DC5 on Red CE28N.Perfect colour match.

My expression when I saw 280ZX machine was like 'WOWOWOW!'Why?Because its a super rare...

...and it got a RB25 engine swap!Dope as F*ck!

This is a true nostalgic machine.

Aww,so sweet.But wait until it revs!

Celica group.

Evo X entering the pit like a boss!

My kind of place to release stress and my addiction to race car sound,Sepang International Circuit,Malaysia.

Rare sight,Silvia S15 and Mazda RX7.


Manage to get 20th place in Sepang 1000 KM endurance race,this jazz is fast and durable for a 1500cc compact car.

E36 M3 LHD (Left Hand Drive).This car belongs to Malaysian Prince of Drift,Tengku Djan Ley.

Volkswagen Golf GTI belongs to Sheden EE from Exoticmods.This car is packed with 280 BHP.

Agressive but uhhmm....cute?

Renault Megane RS250's from Renaultsport owner group.

Before the Euro cars line up,there was a little rain drops.Not long after that,rain starts to pouring heavily and the race was postponed.

Golf R32 from Teamstreet Singapore.

Another rare car spotted,an Opel Calibra!

Rivals in the same pit!

Cool M3 on Volk G2 wheels.

2012 Nissan GTR!

Nissan GTR with a serious carbon fiber diet.

Matte Gold body wrap!

More rare cars!This time is a Lamborghini Galardo Superleggera.

One Mclaren,ultra awesome.

Two Mclaren?Super Dope!

Supercar ass!

Evo attending the Conemaster Gymkhana challenge.

The M3 Brothers.

Hot Accord Euro R at the parking lot.

S14!A rare car nowadays!

A more rare Skyline R32 with stripped interior,driver only bucket seat and Nismo LM-GT4 rims in gloss black!Super sick!Actually there's more rare cars at the parking lot but I did'nt have time to take a pic due to the weather.

I'll end up this post with this pic.He won the gt cars category.He managed to clock 3:04:174 minutes.