Monday, 17 December 2012

Thing's that I draw

Sometimes staying at home for the whole day can make me boring.What did I do to prevent to get bored?I draw cars!I love to draw cars since I was 4 years old.Early huh?I fell in love with cars since I was 3 years old!

My first attempt to draw cars.An Evo 8!But it does'nt even look like it!But hey,I was 4 years old back then!

Some of my crazy idea...

I love skyline when I was 4 years old.From R32 to R34!I draw a lot of skyline when I was kindergarten...

...and of course,I love Honda.

Especially the type r models.This one I traced it from somewhere and colour it!

Then when I turned 7 years old,I start to draw cars like this.Sideway view!

After a long time,I felt bored drawing sideview of a car.So I started to trace and draw cars 3D view...

...and try to draw more detail.

But sometimes I draw the sideview thingy when I get bored.

Not long after that,I start to draw cars from rear end...

...and front end.


After a 'not so long' time tracing cars,I started to draw 3D by myself!

Lexus LFA.One of the best car I draw.

Negative rear camber!

JDM style M3!

My custom design bodykit for 86/brz/frs.

I'll end up this post with this manga style EK9 :)

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