Friday, 7 December 2012

Euro cars with JDM style

Most people like to modified their euro rides with euro style.But some people likes to mod their european cars with jdm style because they want something different.For me,euro cars with jdm style looks dope!Here are some pic of euro cars with jdm looks...

This is IND Distribution's E92 BMW M3.Looks fierce right?My favourite part about this car is the wheelset,the legendary VOLK TE37 with custom Guards Red colour.

I think this car did'nt need an introduction.RWB is very famous right now.RWB is a Porsche specialist.They made custom bodykits,aeropart and tunings for porsche.This car belongs to RWB owner,Nakai-San.

Want a JDM styled euro car?Simple.Just put a JDM wheels on your euro cars.Then you got the JDM looks.But make sure you got the right PCD because euro cars have different PCD with JDM cars.

This Mercedes E-class was modded by Stance Lab.Looks very sick!

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