Sunday, 9 December 2012

The first thing that I 'Stanced'

                                 What's the first thing I stanced?Well I'm gonna show you my 'ride'!

Yeap,its a remote control drift car...but its still a car right?The car is equipped with a Honda HSV-010 Gt-Japan bodyshell.I got it from the car package.So I got no choice.I have to take it although this bodyshell is not a drift type car.

Its powered by a Vantex Brush Motor 23T.But I'm planning to swap it with a new Ezrun  9T Brushless motor.More Powerrrrr!!!!

I set the front camber more 'aggressive' than the rear.Why?Because its a drift car!Actually I got the wrong offset because at the time I bought the wheelset,I did'nt know anything about offset!The wheels spec are Gramlights 57D Offset 15 in fluorescent pink.

Why pink?Because drift cars usually use bright coloured wheels.

I took the colour combo inspiration from this Nissan Silvia 180sx Rps13.

Static enough?Look at the bodyline,so sleek!I think that's it for today,bye!

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