Friday, 7 December 2012

The Star Motor Carnival 2012 Autosalon

Just wanna share my old pics.This event has taken place from 14 to 17 September 2012.Like Honda CRZ?Here's a complete modified crz with custom orange paint,Mugen bodykit,SSR Type C wheels and Endless big brake kit.Nice right?

Evo X?Lancer GT?I dont know because I did'nt see the engine bay.But it looks quite nice with the combination of a show and track car.

Gangnam Style.Gangnam Style are everywhere!

ABT tuned VW Polo.It has 140 BHP!Sorry for the bad pic.That chair really disturbing!

What car is this?In Malaysia,its called Perodua Myvi Extreme.In Japan they called this Daihatsu Sirion Sport.Its equipped with Ultra Racing Chassis Strengthening.I'm not sure about the suspension system but it  looks like G.A.B Adjustable suspension.The wheels are SSR Type F.

Spotted a nice Mazda 3 Sedan with custom Mazda 3 MPS bonnet.

This EK9 is a street legal track car.

I really like the EK9 interior.Bride full bucket,complete stripped interior and caged interior.Complete track style!

Boring with R34?Here's a more rare ER34!Its a drift car.

Drift style sticker bomb!

This Toyota Vios looks a bit too much but somehow rather looks nice.

MK6 Golf GTI with euro style mod.

Complete rusty style old school japan pick up with a shakotan looks.With a bit USDM  looks...

...and look at dat exhaust!Complete shakotan inspired!

Real man use three pedals.Agree?

This Accord 8th Gen Sedan looks good with that Volk GTV wheels.

Race inspired FD2.Its not a FD2R.You can see the difference with the exhaust.

Euro style Hyundai Sonata.

350Z+TE37+widebody+Gt wing=JDM!

Is it a Toyota MR2 converted to Ferrari F355?No.Its the real thing.A Ferrari F355 with bodykit customized by SD Design.Yay or Nay?

S13 waiting for its turn to enter the gymkhana.Blacked Out!

Subaru is a famous chassis for gymkhana's.

Godzilla waiting for its turn to enter gymkhana.

When I saw this pair.I always remembered the jdm!Both are sitting on SSR Type C RS.

Hachi Roku!

More USDM goodies!

This Kia Forte Koup looks sick on that Work VS-XX.

Negative camber setting!

stretched and negative camber.What a perfect combination!

This Daihatsu Mira Gino looks so dope with that japanese plate,slammed and negative camber!I really like the Watanabe wheels.

Peodua Myvi (a.ka Toyota Passo or Daihatsu Sirion) running on steel's.Real static!

Another pic of the Bright Yellow RX7.

FD2 with Mugen RR kit and custom colour.Simple but nice!

Here's the last pic for today,a Nissan Cefiro drift car with custom Ken Block style livery.Must be a Ken Block Fan.That's all for today,bye guys!

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