About Me

Name:Muhammad Syafiq Bin Md.Nizam (call me Syafiq) 
D.O.B:19/1/1998 90'S kid 



Status:Single,still studying in high school :p

Hobbies:Reading car culture websites,reading car magazines,playing RC Drift Car,Collecting diecast cars,drawing cars and etc...

Hey guys,I'm Syafiq.I'm a new kid in car photography and blogging.But I'm addicted to cars since I was 3 years old!To be honest,I'm a Honda guy.I like everything about Honda since my father is a honda guy!I started to attend motorsport event since I was 4 years old.By the way,I fell in love with the stance,hellaflush and other related 'low' cars since 2011.

My dream machine,a Civic Type R.

My favourite motorsport hotspot is Sepang International Circuit.Usually I go there to watch Saturday Night Fever,TimeToAttack and other race event.

My idols in motorsport are Tengku Djan Ley (above leaning at his car),Akira Nakai (RWB Porsche),Kei Miura (Tra Kyoto),Ken Block and others...

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